A journey into dramaland…

It started as a way to connect with my pre-teen.  She had jumped both feet into the world of anime, K-pop, Visual-K and had even started to teach herself Japanese.

As a very blond-haired, blue-eyed girl, growing up in white-bread America, I could not directly relate.  For my daughter, it had started with drawing style really.  The kiddo loves anime.  Sure, I grew up with Sailor Moon and Pokemon, but never really followed them.  With Hulu and Netflix in our house, we had cut the cord to mainstream cable and new and different types of shows were appearing on our television.  My daughter was ecstatic to find the wide range of anime available to her and marathons started to happen regularly.

At first I was a tad reluctant, to be honest.  Who wants to watch television when you have to read it all.  My daughter, you see, refused to use dubbing.  Subtitles were the only way to go.  I began to sit down with her to watch so that I would have a clue about her interests.  One of the first animes to air in our house was “Attack on Titan.”  It was intense and violent and frankly, I never knew my daughter enjoyed that sort of genre.  Next up was “Oran High School Host Club.” Then “Death Note” and then, and then, and then…

L reuse

By sitting and watching, I had started to cross a bridge to my daughter and had started to awaken something different within myself.  Because I was willing to sit and listen, to be non-judgemental of her interests, my daughter slowly started to open up more and more. She began to show me her new favorite K-pop music videos.  She talked about cute boys and her new favorite “bias.” (aka- #1 on your top 10 list.)

Then it happened…

She said, “Mom.  You have to check this out.  One of my favorite K-pop stars is in a drama.  Wanna watch it with me?”

I believe we followed Ok Taec Yun to “Dream High.”  It was cute. It was sentimental.  It had romance and some comedy.  It was like Disney Channel meets Hallmark Channel meets Lifetime.  I am not too proud to admit that I teared up… alongside my daughter.

Then, unlike so many other shows on television, the story was over.  It was like a 16 hour movie… beginning, middle, end.  We were both left saying…

“What?!  It’s over?!”

And then, like so many other drama addicts, we found another one to watch.  And then another, and then another…

And so it began.  My love affair with Asian/international dramas started with some simple watching some anime.

I am not sure just how many dramas I have watched to this point, but I can tell you that it’s not a few!

I hope you join me on my adventures into an awesome escape full of fun, love and yes some angst.  Be sure to “follow me” if you would like to read more!


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