Great high school music k-dramas

So the k-drama adventure started with Dream High and quickly escalated from there.  Next up was a drama about k-pop called K-Pop: The Ultimate Audition/Extreme Survival.  It is a drama about the making of a k-pop group with some gender bending added in.

The drama was fun and had a cute romance that slowly developed and of course had people questioning their own sexuality as a girl dresses up as a guy to live in a guys dorm.  (Up to this point, I really didn’t know that “pretty” boys are actually called “flower boys” in Korea.  Who knew?!) The music and dancing were fun and the angst was just the right level to get a few tears flowing.  (Keep in mind when I say that that in childhood my nickname may have been Niagara Falls.  Yes, these eyes know crying.) The drama was cut short, ending in sort of a weird place all of a sudden and it of course made me say…

WHAT!  Now what?!

Well, of course, you can always look for a second season of your favorite show right?!

Dream High 2 it was.  Like the first one, the plot was steady, the music and dancing were good and best of all, Kim Soo-Hyun makes a guest appearance as Sam Dong (his original character.)  Honestly, I love when dramas make reference to a group’s song when an idol stars in a show or when a famous character is referenced in another drama.  It’s those details that I think make all the difference for the viewers!

But I digress…

Dream High 2 was just a bit less exciting than the original and like the original, the ending was neatly tied with a bow for all lose ends.  Makes for a satisfying ending for some.  For me it was sort of blah.  I didn’t really prefer either ending to Dream High 1 or 2 as a *sigh… that was perfect* sort of feeling.  It’s more of a *ack… I need more!* which isn’t good for an addicts soul.

Which leads me to the next high school musical drama that I watched.  Monstar is a sort of slow burn type of drama.  It felt very genuine to the high school experience… bullying, awkward moments, triumphs, competition and of course first romances.  I really like the pacing of the drama although it was a tad tough to get into with the first episode.  I stuck it out and enjoyed some solid musical performances and singing with a bit of rapping from BEAST’s Yong Joon-Hyung.  As an aside, the group that Joon-Hyung performs with in the series are not his bandmates in real life.  Instead it looks like BTOB provides the band’s musical talent.  They worked all sorts of idols into this drama!  Anyway, the ending was just about perfect.  Left me with a smile on my face and a satisfied heart.  Were all the details tied up beautifully with a bow?  For the story they were… for the future?  Well, that was left up to the imagination, just like back in high school.

Next up is what seems to be an oldie but a goodie…  Big Heat.  This drama has a nice all around underdog feel with a rich vs. poor entitlement line running through.  The band characters have great diversity to their personalities and I really like the way the drama shows the passing of time through a calendar visual.  So many times its just BOOM… “six months later.”  That is seriously annoying… and way over used especially in last episodes of dramas.  Anyway, haven’t made it through the whole drama but it is shaping up to be a good one.  As of this date, volunteers at Viki were working on getting the English subtitles up to speed.  In fact, I am volunteering to help.  Yup, helping with subtitles… if you told me I would be doing that a year ago, I would have said you were nuts.  But that is a different story for a different post!

So, how does this all fall out?  Here is my ranking for these high school musical dramas I have watched so far…

  1. Monstar/Big Heat
  2. Dream High
  3. Dream High 2

As I come across more, I will surely add to the list!

Let me know… do you have a favorite high school musical drama?  Leave a comment!

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