Guide on how to find your next kdrama


So maybe by now I have piqued your curiosity a bit about Asian dramas or maybe, just maybe you are already a drama addict already and trying to figure out what to watch next.

As I have searched… and searched… for what to watch next, sometimes I found it simple, other times, like now, it was a bit harder to decide.  When you are coming off finishing up a really great drama, it makes you want to start another really great drama!  But how do you pick?  Having finished up Love Me if You Dare (Chinese) and Oh My Venus (Korean), I find myself in this situation at the moment.  What do I watch next?!  Here are a few ways I have discovered to get your fix right quick!

1.Follow your favorite actor or actress:  Simple to find your next drama if you simply follow a favorite performer to a past works! If you are streaming from a service like Viki, you can simply scroll down on the main drama page and click on the actors picture in the drama you are watching.  Works show up on their actors page. When I first started watching dramas, I was streaming on Drama Fever and Hulu, so didn’t have that option… so Asian Wiki was my best friend.  Type in the name of the drama and voila, pictures with names of the cast appear.  Follow that lead and find lists of works and awards! Then check out other interesting dramas from there!

2. Stay with your favorite genre: Love romantic comedies?  Love mystery or family or medical drama?  Love period/historical?  Kdrama has them all.  The two big drama streamers Dramafever and Viki have groupings of dramas now so its easy to follow their lead too.

3. Follow a list: Ah, the beauty of the internet.  There are lists, lists and more lists.  When I first got started, I wanted more romantic comedies to watch.  I found  Honey Gutierrez and diligently worked my way through many of her lists.  It was a great way to get started.  More recently I decided to see how much of an addict I am and I checked out List Challenge-Top 100 KDramas.  Turns out I am not topped out on famous dramas, so I am slowly working my way through that list now when I am not sure what to watch.  Finally, I was introduced to My Drama List   just recently.  You can make and keep your own list there!  I am excited to learn more about it!  If you by chance have a list you are proud of, be sure to link it here in the comments!

4. Look at award and top rated results:  You can easily google the results for any year and then make your way through the list.  For 2015, the drama “Producer” took the grand prize at the Korean Drama Awards.   I have started to watch this drama about 5 times now but can’t even get through the first 3 episodes…  Amazingly, it also is the highest rated drama during the first half of 2015 according to the Korean Contents Power Index.  With some of my favorite dramas coming out in the last half, we will have to see how they ultimately compare.

5. Check out the recommended list by your streaming service: With data being captured every second, you can also count on services like Hulu and Viki to give you “recommended for you” options.  They are often worth checking out!  Found a lot of little gems that way.

Hope this helps you to find your next drama to keep you in the *ahhhh… sigh… zone.

Thanks for stopping by and reading!


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