First Glance: Moorim School

I am going to admit that I am not totally up on Asian drama news.  I am a bit clueless when it comes to that.  Heck, in all my years I never followed what was “in” or “hot” or “new.”  I simply go with what I like and what interests me.  Its hard to keep up with the Jones’ of the world.  There are people who are much better at it than me.


  (Copyright KBS)

With that said, Moorim School was something that kept flashing across my screen in various ways.  When that many people are talking about it, it’s hard not to be curious don’t you think?  This series started on Monday of this week, with two episodes coming out per week on Monday and Tuesday, so if you get hooked, be warned.  You will have to patiently wait, week to week.  Painful, I know.

Last night I decided to push “play” to see what the hub-bub was all about.  I enjoyed it from the get-go.  Honestly, I started it with the excitement of my daughter who immediately recognized one of the lead males as Hong Bin of the boyband VIXX.  She squealed in fact. So we looked up the rest of the cast together.

As we saw it, we simultaneously said “Oh, it’s him!”  Lee Hyun Woo is the other male lead in this drama and he is one of our favorites from “To the Beautiful You.”  With those things revealed, I knew it was a done deal to watch the show at some point.  For once, I decided maybe I would jump on the front bandwagon and watch along with everyone else.

I am so glad I did!!!

Moorim School is a story about a school of diversity where virtues are supported over academics.  Founded for peace keeping reasons, the school doesn’t even “officially” exist.  It is only known to those who know.  It appears (after 2 episodes) that each student has a story and each student has a purpose.

With heavy emphasis on martial arts in the first two episodes, I anticipate some fun action and with some relationships forming, I anticipate some cute romance.  The first two episodes left we with a bit of a Harry Potter/kid Avengers type feel.  There are some mystical elements, some seemingly developing “powers” and likely some hidden bad guys and heroes.  The acting and music were spot on.  The setting was perfect and the visual effects were nicely done.

Overall first impression… this is going to be another must watch if you enjoy those things.

You can watch Moorim School now on both Viki and DramaFever.

Thanks for stopping by!


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