Ode to Mom: k-drama style

With Mother’s Day looming this weekend, I thought I would call out a couple of mom dramas where the moms simply rock.

First up is Angry Mom.  This show is about a mom who goes to great lengths to protect her daughter from bullying.  This mom takes advantage of her young looks and quick wits and fists to deal with all of the bullies around the school.  It is really a mom-daughter drama with just a *hint* of cute romance.  This drama is totally worth the watch.  If you like Ji Hyun Woo in this drama, be sure to check him out as a leading man in Queen In Hyun’s Man.

Next up is Twenty Again.  What happens when a mom sacrifices it all for her kiddo?  What happens then when her role as a mom is not as time consuming as it once was?  In this drama, Mom goes back to college!  A cute story without too much *drama* and with some subtle romance as this mom learns how to love… especially herself.  You go, Mom!  (This drama is also available on Dramafever and on Viki but currently being subbed on Viki as of the time of this post.  Go subbers go! )

Finally we have All About My Mom.  This family centered drama will have all of your emotions working!  Sometimes you have to step away from your mom in order to appreciate your mom, ya know?  Well, check out how that works in this drama.  This is a bit longer drama at 22 episodes, but worth the watch!

There you go.  A few mom centered dramas to fill your weekend.  Just don’t forget to hug and kiss your mom!

Thanks for stopping by!


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