First Glimpse: Entertainer

Ok, ok.  This post is a tad bit late.  Entertainer is now solidly into the good binge watch zone of 6 episodes but still wanted to add my two cents.

I will admit that I was a tad reluctant to start watching this drama, although I am not sure why.  It does, afterall, star Ji Sung who I loved in Kill Me, Heal Me, Secret and Protect the Boss.  Something didn’t grab me.

Anyway, I began watching with my daughter and you know what?  It had me hooked.  Some commenters are saying the acting is a tad lacking, others say it is spot on.  At six episodes in, I have to say so far its worth the watch!

The one thing I will say, and my daughter keeps telling me to stop the comparison, is that this drama reminds me an awful lot of Big Heat.  I loved Big Heat.  It is an older drama but was a compelling underdog story.  Entertainer is turning into the same.  So, lets compare.

Big Heat= name of band in story.  Entertainer= name of band in story.

Big Heat= Producer totally backstabbed by company executives.  Entertainer= Producer totally backstabbed by company executives.

Big Heat= 4 band members. Entertainer= 4 band members.

Big Heat= 1 band member with prison record.  Entertainer= 1 band member with prison record.

Big Heat= false accusation/company placement.  Entertainer= false accusation/company placement.

Big Heat= money was issue in production.  Entertainer= money is issue in production.

Big Heat= one eccentric but awesome supporter.  Entertainer= one eccentric but awesome supporter (he was just introduced, but I think this is where this is going…)

So…  I am hoping that Entertainer can pull out some new story lines as we head toward the middle third of this drama.  If you have checked out Entertainer and are enjoying it, be sure to check out Big Heat.  It was a keeper!!!

Thanks for stopping by!


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