First Glimpse: Lucky Romance

You can call Ripley’s Believe It or Not because this glimpse is coming to you after only the first two episodes!  Can you believe it?

So, last Wednesday and Thursday evening, Drama-land saw the introduction of Lucky Romance.  With a fun cast of characters, and different sort of plot line,  the drama seemed promising.

As always, I gave a gander to the introductory comments of the first viewers and to my surprise, many of them centered around the lead male actor.  Ryu Jun Yeol appears to be a bit newer on the drama scene, making his official debut only in 2015.  He seems to be busily working, churning out two drama roles and seven movies this year alone.  Unfortunately, fans are not always positive and sadly, I have seen a lot of drama comments centered around how the lead actor or actress looks.  The “hot” appeal, especially in a romantic comedy, needs to be there for a lot of viewers.  So, I had to put my money where my mouth was before I chimed in on the banter.

In this series, the female lead character, Bo Nui, is extremely superstitious.  And of course everything she hears from the fortune teller happens to come true, only fueling the fire of her desire to do everything that she hears from him.  Bo Nui has a younger sister who is in a coma and the fortune teller explains that Bo Nui must “catch a tiger” (aka a guy born in the year of the tiger- either 1974 or 1986-) and sleep with him within the lunar month or her sister would die.  (The synopsis says that Bo Nui would die… but the first episodes say the sister would die… so not sure which translation is incorrect!  Either way, we have a life on the line!)

In a twist of fate sort of way, Bo Nui discovers two “tigers” in her vicinity.  One is computer genius and CEO, Je Soo Ho (played by Ryu Jun Yeol) and the other is superstar tennis player Choi Gun Wook (played by Lee Soo Hyuk.)  It turns out that Soo Ho and Bo Nui have a bit of history from a business standpoint and that Gun Wook and Bo Nui have a personal history, interrupted by 15 years as Gun Wook moved out of the country.   And because we can’t leaved twisted fates well enough as is, it turns out that Gun Wook’s manager and Soo Ho have a bit of history as well.  Yes, that makes a nice square in case you were keeping track.

With all this said, it seems like it’s going to be a fun romantic comedy with a bit of a melodramatic arch.  Some deeper meaning innuendos were woven in throughout the first two episodes.

I am gonna be honest in that I am not quite sure about the ages of the characters.  Given that we have to have the year of the tiger… that would make the male characters either 42, 30 or 18, assuming that the story is set this year.  It shows a “noona” (older sister sort of) relationship with Bo Nui and Gun Wook, so perhaps he is not really a tiger?  Anyway, with his seriously smexy deep voice, it doesn’t really matter to me!  And as far as Ryu Jun Yeol is concerned… the guy is good looking!  I have to give credit to the writers, producers and stylists in their ability to make the guy a standoffish geek so much so that they are already turning off the female fan base.  I just hope that the actor himself doesn’t take the nasty comments to heart.

What does it all boil down to?  This drama has the makings of a good one.  How can I tell?

  1. I didn’t fast forward at all during the first episodes.
  2. I didn’t have drifting thoughts during the first episodes.
  3. There is enough intrigue and subtle cliff hangers to make me want to tune in again and see what is going to happen.
  4. I got a couple of cute chuckles.
  5. Lee Soo Hyuk’s voice.  Yup yup.

Have you checked out this drama?  Would love to know what you are thinking, so leave a comment!

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