Where to watch kdramas/cdramas/tdramas

As I dove into this blog and talked about subtitles, how to get started and how to pick your next drama, I forgot one really important thing!  Where do you find all of these wonderful international dramas?

I will admit that when I first started watching Korean dramas, I really had no clue.  My daughter brought me to the television and sat me down and there it was.  Not long prior, our house had become “cable cutters” meaning that we had given up traditional cable service.  Why?  Well, with streaming services like Hulu and Netflix here in the United States, it didn’t make sense to pay for cable when my whole house was binge watching those services.  Instead, we opted for a more powerful, faster internet connection and still saved about $100 per month.

That’s where the drama obsession began.  My daughter and I watched Dream High and K-pop Extreme Survival on Hulu.  After that, of course, I went a tad bit nuts finding other sources for dramas.  So here is the list…

Hulu: Paid service and you still have ads.  Can pay more to have ads removed.  Can watch on computer or mobile.

Netflix: Paid service and you still have ads. Can watch on computer or mobile.

Viki: Free to sign up for membership.  Paid service (Viki Pass) will have HD quality and ads removed and first access to shows.  Need to make sure that you sign in sometimes or else the ads reappear on mobile.  Also have the option of volunteering to become a Quality Contributor and getting Viki Pass for free.  Shows show up pretty much right after the time of network showing raw (without subtitles) on the website.  Computer and mobile access (through app.) Not all shows available on mobile devices but you can still see them on the computer.  You can find me poking around on Viki as otmomonline_81

Dramafever:  Free to sign up for membership.  Paid service allows first access to shows but still have ads at introductory level.  Higher level paid memberships will remove ads.  Shows will show up when fully subbed. Computer and mobile devices (through app.) Not all shows available on mobile devices but you can still find them on the computer service.  You can find me poking around on DF as kbt24

For me, the main sources of dramas are Viki and Dramafever.  Many of the dramas you will see on Netflix and Hulu were subtitled by either of those two sources (which is how I discovered them!)  I understand that Dramafever may only be available in the United States but I am not sure of that.  I also read that Dramafever may be bought out by Time Warner Cable (who we cut in our cable cutting efforts…) so that doesn’t make me thrilled either.

Of course if you head onto the internet, you can Google your favorite drama and chances are you can find them on a number of different sites.  The sites listed here have the best quality subtitles and are licensed (aka real deal not pirated) versions of the shows.  Hence, you need to pay your share for the license- or like with television in the United States, you get your fair share of ads.  Older shows will typically have fewer ads than currently airing shows.  Makes sense to me.  Sometimes one site will get the license, and sometimes more than one site will get the license.  It is actually sort of interesting to watch a show on more than one site and see the differences in translation.  I have learned a lot that way… but then again, I am a geek who loves to learn!

As of the time of this post, I *believe* that Viki and Dramafever are available on Apple tv and Roku.  My Apple tv is wicked old, so it isn’t there… but I believe on the new version it is.  Would love for a reader to confirm!  (internet search says YES)

Anyway, lots of great ways to enjoy your favorite dramas and explore all of the amazing ones that are out there!

Happy watching and thanks for stopping by!




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