Mermaid on-screen Magic

As my drama journey continues, I often find it very interesting that themes will permeate a season of watching.  One year seemed to be vampires, another office dramas, this year it seems to be strong women and mermaids.  Now, it could be that my “selected for you” continues to generate these sorts of selections for me but still, when several dramas of the same theme come out it feels like no coincidence.

Anywho…  I always love a good supernatural show.  To me supernatural runs the gambit of “out there” sorts of legends and folklore and even crosses a bit into sci-fi/time travel.  If someone has some hidden powers, even better!


What I always found lacking in this supernatural area was the presence of mermaids.  Prior to this year, I could only find one drama with a mermaid in it…  Surplus Princess (2014)

Surplus Princess is a seriously sweet drama.  It was apparently cut in a few places but does a decent job mending the holes.  It is a light weight drama- meaning you might need a tissue or two but not a whole box, you might want to kick the bad guys but not hang them by their entrails- and super easy binge watch.  With some laugh out loud moments and some sweet kisses, I put it squarely on the summer watch list.

Then, this year, like magic, two more mermaid themed shows hit my screen!

First up was The Legend of the Blue Sea. This Korean drama has Lee Min Ho as the lead actor, so I figured there was no way this drama could go wrong.  Lee Min Ho was one of the first actors I followed down the rabbit hole into drama land, watching all of his dramas consecutively.  I even watched his not so fabulous movie Gangnam Blues… yikes.

Well, as far as dramas go, it didn’t go wrong.  This drama has a reincarnation theme running strongly throughout with some scenes set back in history, which of course I enjoy.  This made the story a bit jumpy but it was flushed out well about half way through I think.  It kept making me thing of the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy woke up… And you were there, and you were there, and you were there…

There were a few rushed plot points toward the end and a few glossed over themes but overall, it was an enjoyable, lightweight watch.  The relationships developed throughout the drama were sound, the bad guys weren’t so evil that you wanted to jump out of your skin  (granted what they did was evil but I didn’t get that searing urge to reach in and smack them like in some other dramas).  The ending was just right.  (a little under explored, but right.)  For all of you Lee Min Ho fans out there, this was a solid skinship drama.  The kisses were no joke.  I was floored actually… none of the usual stand wide eyed and look like a dear in the headlight kisses… good, solid kisses.  Wowzers!

Next up is The Starry Night, the Starry Sea.  This is a Chinese drama set in present times but unlike most other mermaid tales, this drama has a male merperson as the focal point.  This tale spans hundreds of years as well except instead of reincarnation, this drama has the merpeople and supernatural forces living for a really, really, really, long time, spanning generations of their human counterparts.  I have only scratched the surface of this longer drama (32 episodes) and am rounding out episode 8 but am enjoying it so far.  If you enjoy the Chinese action sort of drama, this one seems to have a nice mix of supernatural fighting and romance.  We shall see!

Well, that’s all the mermaids for now.  With 2017 only really beginning, I wonder if we will see another mermaid tale soon.  (pun intended 😉 )

For other supernatural hotties, you can check out the list I have started at!  And if you know of other mermaid dramas, be sure to leave a comment and let me know!

Thanks for stopping by!


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