Favorite Office Dramas (No Romance)

It isn’t often that I come across a drama that keeps my interest with only a hint of romance.  These office dramas, however, managed to do that nicely!

Chief Kim: Korean, 2017, 20 Episodes- This is the fun, at times really campy and at other times really serious, office drama about accountants.  Yup, accountants.  So, you ask, how on earth can there be a decent drama about people who love numbers?  Well, you add some corporate conspiracies, some solid white collar crimes, a group of unlikely heros and of course a k-pop idol (Junho from 2PM) and you have yourself a great watch!  The acting was a bit over the top at times, as it appears the characters were written that way.  Other times, the over the top was down right giggle out loud funny.  The plot line dragged just a bit around the 13-14-15 episode marks but it wrapped up well (although if the pacing had been adjusted a wee bit it wouldn’t have felt *as* cramped in the last episode)  It was satisfying overall.  As for a romance line?  A hint… or a couple of hints… but that’s it! It was enough to add to the characters and the plot without getting bogged down and needing further resolution. There was a solid bromance working though- an awesome love/hate, push/pull relationship that made the drama that much more fun.

Misaeng: (Incomplete Life)- Korean, 2014, 20 Episodes-  I really, really can’t believe that I did not write about this drama sooner!  This drama snuck in at the end of the 2014 year and managed to pull in a Best Drama of the year at the 2015 Korean Drama Awards and a bunch of best actor awards from various sources (tvN10 Awards, BaekSang Awards, APAN Star Awards).  That’s actually how I came across the drama to begin with- I checked out the drama awards lists and found the ones I hadn’t watched.  It had totally flown under my radar.  I thought, hey, gotta be pretty good, right?  Well, I loved it. Absolutely ZERO romance.  Maybe a whiff if you really stretch it… but really none.  It is about the underdog in the office, the office bullies and really finding your own path in your own way.  It was SO good.  So good that it made my FAVORITES list against some hefty romances.

So there you have it for now… I have to review some other dramas for their romance content and see if they can make the list.  If you are looking for a great office drama WITH romance, be sure to check out She was Pretty

Of course if you have an Office Drama to add to the list, be sure to comment below!

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