6 RE-WATCHworthy K-Dramas

I am not really sure why but lately I have been re-watching my favorite dramas- or what I considered to be my favorite dramas- to see if they stood up to the test of time and my memory of them.

Without looking at my FAVORITES list, I scrolled through lists of Korean dramas  and re-watched the ones that popped out at me.  Interestingly, as I re-watched, I realized that the OSTs for these dramas were totally ingrained in my brain!

In no particular order, here are some totally re-watch worthy dramas:

Oh my Ghostess– This drama is such a fun twist on dramas.  None of the usual tropes although upon re-watching, it did seem to have some of the “gender bender” types of things happening, only it was a ghost playing a girl!  Still love it.

Oh my Venus- LOVED it all over again.  OK- I admit that the second time I watched it I skipped a lot of the second lead scenes.  The main draw of this drama is the awesome story between So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah… and their side kick bromances.  Haven’t watched it?  You need to!

Master’s Sun- This is probably one of the best ghost stories out there.  Seriously!  But bring your tissues! Careful if you watch at 3 in the morning… it has some nice jump scares!!  The second impression left me really looking at what the main guy was actually saying… and the sting his words had.  It may have been a difference in translation between streaming sites that I watched on (Viki vs. Dramafever) but I found myself going “Oof” a lot more than I remember.  It also helped me to understand a few of the plot points a bit better.  The dialogue is quick on this one- so be sure to have your rewind ready if you are a subtitle reader like me!

Marriage not Dating– I couldn’t for the longest time remember what drama had people hiding in a restaurant until I came back across this drama.  It has some definitely more mature themes running through it- some solid kisses to boot.  I didn’t love the ending the first time I watched- but appreciated it more the second time I watched.  Don’t worry- it’s a happy one, I just wasn’t enthralled with the execution.  Still totally worth the re-watch!

Moon that Embraces the Sun– Oh my heart!  Pure love at it’s finest and a period piece to boot!  Love, love, love.  Yup, I think this is one I will watch a million times over for the main couple.  In fact, even re-watching it, there were a few scenes I re-watched again and again.

Bride of the Century– Another ghost story (that is not quite a ghost story) with some great twists and turns.  This is another drama I found myself skipping over the “bad guy” scenes in order to pursue the story line of the main couple.  I guess that means I really didn’t like those bad guys, right?!  This is also another drama where I wasn’t enthralled with the ending upon first watching… but appreciated it upon second watching.  Again, no worries… it’s a happy one!

Have you seen these classic dramas yet?  What is your favorite drama to re-watch?  Love to hear your thoughts to comment below!

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3 thoughts on “6 RE-WATCHworthy K-Dramas

  1. I have rewatched all (bride of the century and oh my ghostess are my favs) except Moon that embraces the sun (soon I will be rewatching it, loved it.) I don’t know but heirs is also one my favs to re-watch.

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