It all started with a desire to connect and lead down a path to rediscovering emotions.  There is something compelling about watching dramas from around the world, seeing life through the eyes of different cultures.

Sitting with my daughter one day watching a drama, she looked over at me as I wiped some tears from my eyes.  She giggled.  “Oh Mom.  Are you crying right now?!”  I had to tell her yes… and that it was her fault!  You see, when I was pregnant with her, my level of empathy increased a million fold.  I would watch comedies and have to leave the room knowing the embarrassment that was coming to a character.  I couldn’t watch things with too much jealousy or negativity or anger.  I felt elated with shows about hope and love. When characters cried, I often cried too.  I anticipated the emotions with the writing and the music and with one sudden turn, I could be full of angst.  And so I was named by my daughter that day…  a total “Angsty Jane.” (and no, Jane is not my name!)

As I share my drama adventures, I hope that I do not offend anyone inadvertently.  I typically call a spade a spade and really see things at face value, or at least try my best to!  I hope that you can share in my adventures and always enjoy reading comments from my readers.

Many of the images on this site are created by someone else and credit is due to them… nope, I don’t have rights to them unless my stamp is on them!

Thanks for stopping by!


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