Dramas to Start With

These dramas have proven the test of time and are totally classic in their story lines for dramaland.  Most of these are the dramas that started and fed the drama addiction…

  1. You’re Beautiful (Gender Bender)
  2. Boys over Flowers (Cinderella story)
  3. My Love from Another Star (Supernatural)
  4. Heirs (Cinderella Story)
  5. She was Pretty (Office Romance/Fate)
  6. Secret Garden (Supernatural)
  7. Coffee Prince (Gender Bender
  8. To the Beautiful You (Gender Bender)
  9. Bride of the Century (Slightly supernatural Romance)
  10. Scholar who Walks the Night (Supernatural)
  11. Healer (Romance/Action)
  12. Oh my Venus (Romance)
  13. Moon that Embraces the Sun (Historical fiction/Romance)
  14. Oh my Ghostess (Supernatural)