Sweet Summer Drama Romances

As the warm weather continues and the flowers continue to bloom (if you are getting any rain!) it’s time to watch some more sweet summer romances.

In the category of “Romance,”  you know there are some heavy duty ones… deep and profound and often melodramatic.  Then there are the super silly ones, the romantic comedies of the world.  The following dramas are ones that are some where else.  They are sweet, not heavy, not too silly and easy to watch while lounging around. I like to call them “light weight” dramas.  The angst level is definitely on the low end of the scale. If you miss a line or two of subtitle, you won’t catch a plot twist.  They have a lot of the *typical* drama happenings, but that doesn’t change the awwwww factor.  Of course these dramas have the essential happy ending. Some are older dramas but enjoyable none the less.

  1. My Little Lover- Japan- a sweet sort of supernatural romance about childhood friends who find themselves thrown into a bit of a bind when the female lead, Chiyomi Horikiri, makes a wish and wakes up 15 cm tall.  The uber popular and smart Shunichi Minami finds her and together they have to figure out what to do. Fun, cute and just the right amount of “worry” to keep you intrigued.
  2. Full House Take 2- Korea- This is not a sequel to the original Full House drama but instead sort of rides on the same overarching plot line.  Tae-Ik is part of a two person group “Take 1” with Gang-Whee.  Tae Ik is bad tempered and rude but continues to work in order to regain his childhood home.  Through a series of coincidences, or what some would call fate, the boys of Take 1 find themselves entangled with Man Ok, a martial arts instructor and the question becomes… who will get the house and who will get the girl?
  3. Splish Splash Love- Korea- A time travel drama about a girl who walks into a puddle and winds up in the past.  When her amazing “knowledge” is discovered by the king, she becomes his advisor and a bit more…  Will this romance stand the test of time?  At only 2 episodes, a seriously easy, enjoyable, sweet watch.
  4. Can you Hear my Heart?- Korea- Although the description covers a heavy duty topic of disability, don’t let the descriptions fool you.  This drama is about love and hope and the ability to do anything you set your heart out to do.  Sweet and tender, this drama will draw you in and make you feel all gooey inside.
  5. Momo Love- Taiwan- This is a fairly old drama from 2008 but it is cute and sweet and silly.  With Jiro Wang as the young male lead, you will enjoy this family drama about seriously over protective brothers with a bit of a “will they pull a Star Wars?” worry thrown in.
  6. Boss and Me- China- A sweet story about, well, a boss and lowly office assistant.  A Cinderella story that is totally sweet without too much angst.  Another name for this drama is Shan Shan Comes to Eat.  Totally satisfying ending with a bit of an underdog sort of feel. And let me add… there were lots of hugs and kisses.  It’s a bit hard to find and I could only watch on kissasian.com  Unfortunately, it seems that the subtitles may have been “borrowed” from Viki when it was available and subtitled there.  Bad internet people… bad.
  7. My Sunshine – China- Otherwise known as Silent Separation- A sweet, not too angsty story about love lost through misunderstanding and love regained after jumping many hurdles.  The male lead starts out a little strong in my opinion, but I loved him by the end. Don’t let the 30 episodes put you off, a super easy watch.

These dramas are easy peasy lemon squeezie to watch.  Grab your favorite cold drink and enjoy!

Have a favorite “summer romance?”  Love to hear about it!  Leave a comment!


2 thoughts on “Sweet Summer Drama Romances

  1. It’s been such a long time since I’ve taken the time to watch a full Asian drama. The last one might have been a couple of years ago. Does Thank You count as a summer romance? I loved that one. Goong’s a pretty neat one too. Cool article, I’ll be checking out some of those. I mean, hey, Summer isn’t over just yet. Anyhow, how’d you feel about sharing your work on Moviepilot/Creators? Simply send me an e-mail (you can find my contact details on my blog) if you’d like some more information. Hope to hear from you.


    • I haven’t seen Thank You. Will have to add it to the list! I love Goong! So many great romances out there right?! These ones are pretty brainless which is how they made this list lol. Will have to put together some new “romance” lists… maybe based on steam factor or chemistry! I am not familiar with Moviepilot but will check it out! Thanks for stopping by!


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