Favorites List

Since I have a post about finding your next drama, I thought it only fair to share my personal all time favorites lists, otherwise known as totally recommend/would watch again.  I am sure over time I will have one too many lists here in this blog as well as many hidden reviews with hopefully not too many overt spoilers.  I am not sure how many dramas I have watched to date but my favorites typically have the right amount (maybe a bit more than average) of romance, of suspense/cliffhangers (aka, you might want to binge watch!), a solid story line (even if it is fantasy/supernatural), and memorable characters.  Of course, let’s not forget the angst.  I like tension on my heart but if you cause me to fast forward too much… you’re out!  So here goes…  (seriously not in order!)

Shows 13-20 episodes:

  1. She was Pretty (Korean, 2015) My first case of second lead syndrome!  The level of emotion in this drama is just so good!  Laughed out loud more than once and my romantic heart was satified by the end.  What more could you want from a rom-com?
  2. Oh My Ghostess (Korean, 2015) A whole new take on the “second girl/love interest” concept.  Add in a seriously evil bad guy and you have some good watching!
  3. Oh My Venus (Korean, 2015-16) Finally a romance focused almost exclusively on the main couple’s relationship.  Hot guys, hot bods and not a lot of the “typical/expected” drama twists.  Refreshing!  (and lots and lots of pda!!!)
  4. Love Me if You Dare (Chinese, 2015-16) Sherlock meets CSI and Criminal Minds with a nice bit of romance added in.  Some great laugh out loud moments added to nail biters.
  5. Rooftop Prince (Korean, 2012) How in the world will it work out?!  A great period/time travel good time.
  6. She who Sees Smells/Girl who Sees Smells/Sensory Couple (Korean, 2015) Cute couple, fun idea, great bad guy!
  7. Master’s Sun (Korean, 2013)  If you do not finish this drama having added “Gojo” to your vocabulary…
  8. Scholar who Walks the Night (Korean, 2015) A hot vampire period peice?!  Yes please!
  9. Healer (Korean, 2014-2015) Action packed joyride with an *ahhhh* romance.
  10. Yong Pal (Korean 2015) Medical drama meets big money with a touch of gangster… and you guessed it… a sweet romance.
  11. Kill Me Heal Me (Korean 2015) Cute romantic development with both fun and dramatic moments mingled in with the difficult topic of multiple personality disorder.
  12. Queen In Hyun’s Man (Korean 2015) Time travel romance with a bit of period/costume mixed into modern times and an ending where you will be left smiling.
  13. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim (Korean 2018) Not your typical office drama.  Sweet, silly, and one of the best main couple’s ever!

Mid-range (20-50 episodes)

  1. Go Princess Go (Chinese 2015)- Time travel (but not really) semi-historical more like period with a great couple and lots of silly moments.

Short Series:

  1. Splish Splash Love (Korean, 2015) 2 episodes- Time travel, commoner/king relationship with a gender bender twist added in. One of the sweetest romances I have seen.  A light and easy watch.
  2. Noble, My Love (Korean, 2015) 20 episodes, 15 min each
  3. Page Turner (Korean 2016) 3 episodes- Awesome story of 3 unlikely friends with amazing classical piano music.

Daily Drama/Long Series (50-100 episodes):

  1. Dong Yi (Korean 2010)  A historical period/costume drama with sweet romance, court intrigue and not too much overly dramatic drama.  60 episodes.